Adoption Pawtal Pet Listing – Our Code of Ethics

  • Smooshie Face Treats offers this platform as a gesture of goodwill to our community, we personally cover all cost involved in maintaining the platform. We are not paid or funded in anyway for providing this service.
  • We will endeavor to maintain the front end on all listings in a timely manner so they are kept as up to date as possible with the information provided by the person creating the listing profile.
  • We are not responsible for the welfare, care of listed pets, this falls to the adoptee, adopter. We can not answer questions about the pets on behalf of the adoptee.
  • We reserserve the right to to enquire with clinics regarding authenticity of sterilization certificates & veterinarian medical notes about the animal. This is to protect the rabbits & guinea pigs listed being sold as breeding stock.
  • We encourage the ADOPT – DONT – SHOP mantra
  • In alignment with the adoption pawtal our mission is to build awareness in the community about ”backyard breeders” and the problem these people have created on a national level. We use the term ”backyard breeder” to describe those who relentlessly breed their animals for a quick profit, these people are typically careless about who their animal is sold too & often disregard their the health & well being over money.  We understand within our community people do breed rabbits & guinea pigs as a hobby within clubs for showing, for personal attainment, or as professionals for profit – they may maintain high levels of care / aftercare for their animals. However this practice is often not transparent or regulated so we wish not to promote the breeding of rabbits or guinea pigs on any level on our platform.

If you have any queries about the information above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us email

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