Adoption Pawtal – Pet Listing Rules

Our Adoption Pawtal – Pet Listing Platform is especially for rabbits & guinea pigs based in Australia. Our platform is a simple way for rescue groups & the general public to reach potential adopters. We ask kindly that you abide by some simple rules listed below which are required to upload adoptable rabbits & guinea pigs to our site.

  1. You must have a registered account on Smooshie Face Treats to list a pet. This will give access to a dashboard where you can keep track of your listings & allow you to edit them at any time.
  2. All pets listed must be genuinely be in need of new homes for legitimate reasons. This platform is strictly not for profiteering off animals.
  3. At this time we are only accepting pets that have been desexed or to those who fall into an exemption category. To be listed your rabbit or guinea pig is required to have proof of sterilization. Exemptions to this rule include age & health issues. You must upload a copy of the sterilization certificate or a signed letter from a registered vet advising of any reason for exemption. Ensure the details of the clinic are clearly visible on the paperwork. We reserve the right to authenticate paperwork with the clinic.
  4. The person listing the pet must take full responsibility for the pet, adopter interview and provision for the pet if the adoption fails.
  5. Negative emotive references are not permitted. e.g ”Death Row, HELP me”……and so on.
  6. Derogatory comments about past owners, abuse or cruelty are not permitted, defamation is not tolerated & your listing will not be approved.
  7. Keep your profiles short & sweet. Provide clear information, get straight to the point. Include details about your pets personality, preferences & suitable home environments.
  8. Avoid disappointing potential adopters by ensuring your pets profile is kept up to date. Change your pets profile from AVAILABLE – ON TRIAL – ADOPTED in a timely manner.
  9. All information, including photos, contact information and animal descriptions posted on the website, becomes the property of Smooshie Face Treats and may be used in promotions and for marketing purposes.
  10. All listings must be manually be approved by us, please note this can take up to 24hours or longer if references need to be checked. Please be patient we promise to get our duties done as quickly as possible,
  11. Smooshie Face Treats maintains the right to remove, edit or alter any information posted on the website at our discretion.

If you have any queries about the information above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us email

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