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2019 Catch Up

April 11, 2019

2019 Catch Up

We are half way thru our second year of trade.  Its been a belter of a start this year, ive been abit battered with the emotional stress of my brothers passing. BUT! Smooshie Face Treats has been the best distraction & healing part of my days. I love getting out of bed to start my day knowing im making hundreds of pets happy. I've an almost overwhelming feeling that things can only get better, and they will.

Our equipment & processes have all undergone makeovers as we move towards a more commercial setup. We invested in a super dupa large dehydrator, we even had to have a power upgrade in the house to run the beast. VERY EXCITING! We can now bake over 1200 treats a day. Considering it all began with a tiny machine holding just 100, its incredible how far we have come! As a small business owner i believe the most hardest part is the initial kick to get going at the start of your new venture. All those scary thoughts creep in... will it work, do people need or want my product, how will i keep up, can i do this! 

The truth is everyday im faced with challenges but because im so passionate about what i do & my product, i choose to tackle those challenges with spirit. My desire to succeed and provide the best i can for our customers keeps the wheels in motion. Relying on a feeling that ill make the right decisions when presented with them is what i say to myself everyday. One step at a time.

People often ask me, how are you so creative? Creativity is apart of me, even as a small child i found being creative was an outlet i could use to calm my mind, focus and get great pleasure from. Thinking of something to make and trying to complete it brings me great joy. Inspiration is a huge part of me being able to be creative. I surround myself with objects that inspire thought, they might be things i collect from op shops, items people have given me, photos, cards etc other peoples art... I am restrained, as in i dont like clutter! But the things i keep are meaningful and offer inspiration. 

I think if your starting out a business idea, your surroundings are just as important as getting a plan in place. Declutter & surround yourself with functional, inspirational items :). 

My goal to reach by the end of 2019 is to have my partner Mark be able to work from home alongside me. My hubby has worked on a fifo (fly in fly out) roster for more than 3/4 of our lives together (14years). We have been married 10 amazing years and work well together. He supports me everyday, pushing me to succeed & develop ideas. I couldn't think of anything better than to have him by my side to work with. 

Another goal for 2019 is to reach out to a broader audience of customers across the globe, in order to do this i've been working on tasks i believe will help with our entry into the world of larger distribution. Lab analysis testing is being completed on all our products, packing production is being fine tuned. Other things like boxes, barcodes & courier services are all apart of bigger picture. But! One step at a time. 

I hope you've enjoyed a little insight to the Smooshie Face Treats journey, if you did leave a comment. I will endeavour to continue blogging, i love to share in hopes to help others....

Much love



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