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Celebration Cookie

Our Celebration Cookies are inspired by a card my Mumma gave me created by our most favourite illustrator of Ruby Red Shoes, Kate Knapp.  Its a family of Bunnies eating treats off fine china....because treats taste even better that way right!
These are designed to share with mates or eaten over a few days as they are a larger size. Perfect to celebrate Gotcha Day or Birthday Week ♡

A great bonding treat for hoomins to hand feed & gain trust or wonderful as a reward for tricks. 

We promise your Smooshies will be following you around for more.

Made from 100% Australian homegrown & locally sourced ingredients. No added sugar, no binders, no nasty's ever! Nothing but the good stuff. Suitable for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. 

Approx 6cm

*We only use the colour occurring naturally in the fruit, sometimes during baking the colour dulls, however your Smooshies will still find their treat perfectly delicious :)

Ingredients: Banana, Strawberry, Mint, Oaten Hay, Raspberry

Updated 12th March 2019

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