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Grandma's Garden (14pcs~40g)

This recipe was created in honour of our own dear Grandma's garden, she was an avid gardener & by gosh she was a good cook too! Her garden was always overflowing with edible delights which almost by magic become our dinner.

Visiting Grandma's garden was heaven on earth for our Smooshie Faces, this recipe takes us all right back there and brings a smile with every bite.

A yummy mix of Golden Pear, Carrot, Celery, Silverbeet & Parsley. The true golden oldies & must haves of any top notch veggie patch.

Made from 100% Australian homegrown & locally sourced ingredients. No added sugar, no binders, no nasty's ever! Nothing but the good stuff. Suitable for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. We recommend as a guide 1 - 2 pieces per day alongside a balanced healthy diet.

Ingredients: Golden Pear, Carrot, Celery, Silverbeet, Oaten Hay, Parsley


Updated 20th May 2019


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