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Jungle Pops (14pcs~40g) Seasonal Flavour

Jungle Pops will make your Smooshie Faces dance with joy. This mix has strong notes of Papaya which we have heard is great for fur luster! The Papaya has teamed up with Pear & Raspberry to create something truly delicious.

Made from 100% Australian homegrown & locally sourced ingredients. No added sugar, no binders, no nasty's ever! Nothing but the good stuff. Suitable for Rabbits & Pocket Pets *Excluding Male Rats.

We recommend as a guide 1 - 2 pieces per day alongside a balanced healthy diet.

Ingredients: Papaya (47%) Pear (18%) Raspberry (11%)
Oaten Hay (18%)  Lucerne (6%)

Updated 15th September 2018




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