Do you deliver internationally?

We currently deliver to the following locations:

USA (Currently UNAVAILABLE – on hold until further notice)
Canada (Currently UNAVAILABLE – on hold until further notice)
France (Currently UNAVAILABLE – on hold until further notice)

We are currently working on paper work to be able to reinstate shipping to the UK – Since Brexit new tax rules were applied and to send product to the UK it requires an increased amount of duty. We have to collect VAT & pay it to the UK…..

How long does it take to receive my order?

Bake days operate Mon- Friday, we exclude weekends from our processing days to give ourselves a break, not being machines sometimes we need to rest haha. We aim to have your order packed ready to send within 3 days (most of of the time it’s done within 24 hours because though we aren’t machines we are workaholics LOL!), all estimated timing comes down to how many orders we are handling on any one day. Orders do fluctuate, however if we become extremely busy a note will be added to our website front page to keep you informed when purchasing .
We bake a lot of product fresh so you get the very best quality, we can assure you the wait is worth it.

Please note if you order on a Friday your parcel may not leave until Tuesday…. keep this in mind if you become a regular customer 🙂

  • Western Australia:  Regular 2-7 days / Express 1 – 2 days
  • NSW, QLD, NT, VIC, TAS: Regular 2 – 12 days / Express 2 – 4 days
  • International: 10 – 21 Working days (Covid delays may affect this time frame on occasion)

Express Post currently on hold

Delivery times will depend on your location to us. We are based in Western Australia.  The estimated days represented below are ”postal working days” only – excludes sat/sun & public holidays.
Tracking information will be sent to your inbox from Australia Post, if you can’t find it check junk mail – otherwise please contact us and we will send it through.

What pet species can eat your treats?

Suitable for any mammal that consumes hay as apart of their diet. Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Hamsters, Mice, Horses, Sheep, Alpaca etc – Please always read our list of ingredients to ensure our treats are suitable for your individual pets needs.

How long do your products last?

In our house not long! haha Sorry couldn’t help myself. The best before date for our treat range is 6 months, Medi Buddy is 12 months. We use the term ”best before” as our treats may well still be ok after the date range however it comes down to how you store them etc – a cool, dry, dark place such as cupboard is best. Always keep your pack sealed to keep the crunch.

Why is your best before date shorter than other treats I’ve seen at the shops?

Most products you find in supermarkets or large chains are required to be shelf stable for very long periods of time, products are warehoused in all sorts of conditions so they use special preservatives to make last longer……Our products are preservative free, we do not add any sugar, binders or preservatives to bulk out our already delicious ingredients. Our philosophy is pure and natural and if this means a shorter date range, then so be it. Fresh is best for our Smooshie Faces.

Are your treats organic?

We aim to use as much organically grown produce as possible however we have found it impossible to get certification on all ingredients so we do not claim ”Organic” We can guarantee all our produce is 100% Australian and has been selected meticulously with love and care. Our focus is on supporting local farmers with top notch produce.

Are all your treats made on site?

That’s a big yes. We have a commercial style home base kitchen set up where we create all your delish treats. All the stainless steel and mixing machines make our day dreams come true. Kinda feels like a mission control room, our mission to deliver top notch health yummies to all the Smooshie Faces!

Is your packaging recyclable?

We are always on a mission to reduce our pawprint. The difficulty with our product range is that everything must be airtight, maintain quality in alternating temperatures & have a good moisture barrier. We have limited options to get our treats to you but are always looking for ways to improve.

Currently our brown bags must be disposed of in regular bins, these particular kraft bags are lined with a necessary food safe thin barrier & have a plastic zip, window & our label is attached on top, this is too difficult to separate for recycling – this type of bag will decompose faster than full plastic designs but should not be added to your yellow council recycling bin or Redcycle program.

We currently designing new packaging for our originals range that will be able to recycled through your local Redcycling programs *Australia – You will find drop pointed in most Coles & Woolworth locations across Australia. – This packaging will roll out by November 2021

We have recently shifted away from the brown kraft bags to poly/cello bags for our dried fruit & veg range as these may also be recycled in the Redcycle program & decompose faster than regular plastics. We have heat sealed the bags to keep the contents fresh for delivery, once opened we suggest using your favourite airtight container to store the treats. We have used paper raffia to hang the label off the bag so the whole bag can be put straight into the Redcycling programs, you could reuse the label on your jar/container 🙂

Redcycling is a program based in Australia that recycles certain soft plastics, turning what would be waste into again useable products such as furniture or industrialist parts. Visit their website for more information & drop off points. https://www.redcycle.net.au/faqs/

Can we get a discount if we are a rescue?

We don’t offer discounts as such, however if your rescue organization would like to be a stockist of Smooshie Face Treats you will be offered wholesale pricing. A minimum order amount must be reached to qualify. It’s a great way to raise money for your rescue and get access to some great deals, as an added bonus you will become apart of our sponsorship program. Email info@smooshiefacetreats.com.au for more information.

I donated a pack of treats via the ”Donate a Pack” program, how do i know the rescue received them?

This program relies on honesty. At the end of the two month period we send the package of treats as a bulk drop. The rescue organization receives a card with your name and messages in. We encourage them to take a photo of their bundle and publish it to social media. Follow your rescue to see your package arrive. Alternatively if you reach out to them they can show you privately that your parcel arrived.

We are a rescue, can we be added to your Rescue directory?

Absolutely, just give us a shout on social media or via email to info@smooshiefacetreats.com.au

The cool thing is, that when your added to our directory you’ll also be included in the Wishes Project (we donated funds on a regular basis to our rescues listed on the directory).

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