Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey
Age: 12 months
Sex: F

State: WA
Suburb: Maddington
Interstate Adoption: No
Adoption Fee $: 185

Microchip: 953010005566377
Vaccinated: Yes
Medical Notes:

Audrey has been thoroughly vet checked by The Unusual Pet Vets.

About Audrey

Audrey is our resident QUEEN and has made her presence known around here! Audrey was recently found on the streets of Canning Vale and was handed to a local vet – Audrey came into our care and has been thriving with all the added love and attention. This stunning girl has made a total transformation in such a short time. Audrey is an energetic, miss independent, loving, gentle soul with a cheeky and sometimes sassy personality. We have been working with Audrey to earn her trust and for her to learn that not all humans are bad! Audrey will tolerate being held but prefers all 4 paws on the floor especially if there are head pats and ear scratches at the ready!

Audrey is a dwarf lop and has a silky soft short black coat that’s easy to maintain with a weekly brush. Audrey is a food machine! We think this stems from her time out on the streets…one minute the food is in the bowl, the next it’s hoovered up into her mouth! Audrey hasn’t been fussy with her food and has been on a high-quality diet with Science Selective pellets, plenty of fresh premium oaten hay, a wide variety of vegetables and herbs with some fruit (limited amounts)…her favorites are apple slices and strawberries!

It’s all about the ears with Audrey, we say that’s her way of communicating to us! One minute they are up, the next they are helicopter and down when she’s relaxed or concentrating. They are all over the place and it really does add to her amazing personality 🙂

Audrey is approx 12 months old. Yes, she has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and had a thorough checkup by The Unusual Pet Vets (included in the adoption fee)

As Audrey has been a single bun and with the added work we are doing to earn her trust, we feel Audrey would thrive being with an attentive person or family. Just this over time will go a long way in Audrey’s rehabilitation and I have no doubt Audrey will become an integral part of the family unit. We are looking for a lovely forever home for Audrey and know the right person or family is out there for her. Ideally, we would be looking for a person or family where Audrey would be indoors (pen setup) with supervised outdoor time and be a part of everyday living.

Audrey’s adoption fee is $185 which includes her desexing, vaccination, and microchip plus full checkup at The Unusual Pet Vets.

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Thank you for taking the time to view our beautiful rabbits. We love them all and know you will too!

If you would like to know more about our rescue, the rabbits we have in care or if you are considering adopting one of our precious bunnies – Please contact us via phone or email. After our chat, if it sounds like you might have a suitable home we will email you an application form to fill in (step 1).

Once we have received your forms, we will then arrange a time for you to meet our rescue rabbit/rabbits (step 2). On occasions (at our discretion) we may organise a house check to ensure that your indoor rabbit setup is safe, secure and in the long term, the rabbit will be happy! An adoption fee is paid if you decide you would like to take the rabbit on trial, this is held with us whilst the rabbit is on trial in your home. The trial period is for 2 weeks but this is flexible (step 3). If anytime during the trial you are certain your new family member is going to stay, the decision is made final and we process the adoption and change the microchip details – This makes the adoption official! (step 4). On the other hand, if you have a change of mind or circumstance we ask you to contact us as soon as possible so we can make immediate arrangements for their return to the rescue, the adoption fee is refundable within the trial period.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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