Olive & Pickles

Olive & Pickles Olive & Pickles Olive & Pickles Olive & Pickles
Olive & Pickles
Age: 3 & 4
Sex: F & M

State: VIC
Suburb: Cranbourne East
Interstate Adoption: Yes
Adoption Fee $: Negotiable

Microchip: Yes 956000013321336
Vaccinated: Yes

About Olive & Pickles

Pickles is a cheeky bun who likes to find new ways to escape from his large enclosure. They are only in their enclosure at night as Pickles likes chewing chords so we need to keep him safe.

They roam between the yard and the enclosure during the day (I leave the door open). Pickles has been raised around dogs (incl a lab & Maltese x), in fact he was bonded to our Jack arusselxKelpie for some time until we had him desexed and then their relationship changed and we adopted Olive for him to bond with.

They are always snuggling together and cleaning each other. Brussel sprouts appears to be their favourite green and even though I always try to give them one each at the exact same time they will constantly chase each other over one of the sprouts. Nothing I do seems to change this game and they don’t hurt each other so I assume they are just playing.

I also have a cat who Pickles has enjoyed taunting over the years and I have an 8 year old who they will snuggle with and she will sit in their enclosure and play while they run around her.

I have a cage that I have built up so they can run up the ramp and play in as well as a tunnel that I am happy to rehome them with.

I am happy to travel to meet within reason to meet if need be.

Contact Us:

Call or text on: 0402 507 837

It is great sadness that I need to rehome my babies but it is out of my control. Pickles is a dark grey mini lop that we have had since he was 10 weeks old and Olive is a black Lagamorph we adopted when Pickles was about 2.

They are used to having dogs and a cat around and do not seem to have any fear of them. Pickles was bonded to our dog before he was desexed but once he was desexed we got him Olive to bond with.

Am happy to travel within reason.

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