Oreo & Sprinkles

Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles Oreo & Sprinkles
Oreo & Sprinkles
Age: 8 months
Sex: F & F

State: WA
Suburb: Maddington
Interstate Adoption: No
Adoption Fee $: 250.00 (pair)

Microchip: 953010005532248 Sprinkles 953010005548824 Oreo
Vaccinated: Yes
Medical Notes:

Sprinkles & Oreo have been thoroughly vet checked by The Unusual Pet Vets. No medical concerns noted.

About Oreo & Sprinkles

No, you’re not seeing double! Sprinkles & Oreo are a stunning example of a bonded sister duo! The sisters were sadly surrendered to our care after their families circumstances had changed which effected the care they were able to offer Sprinkles & Oreo. We were more than happy to help their mum and take them into care. We instantly fell in LOVE! Sprinkles & Oreo are THE most LOVED UP bonded pair and they are so sweet to watch together. Being sisters from the same litter, they have grown up together and have a solid bond….although Oreo doesn’t like to share her treats sometimes 😛 They have made themselves at home very quickly here and are pretty used to all the spoiling that goes on around! As you can see all the hard work is done with Sprinkles & Oreo, they are already bonded! Sprinkles & Oreo are in fantastic condition and have already been vaccinated, desexed and microchipped through The Unusual Pet Vets Murdoch. Sprinkles & Oreo are sisters and have a solid bond. Yes, there are ways to tell them apart through their slight differences in their colourings 🙂 The girls are just 8 months old! They both have beautiful silky soft black coats with striking white markings and blue eyes. Their coats are easy to look after with a weekly brush and twice a week brush when they are molting heavily. They have similar personalities although Oreo is top bun and can be independent whereas Sprinkles is a little more nervous and does sometimes need her sister for back up….just to let her know everything’s okay. They are very confident and come to us as soon as they hear the kissy kissy sounds – Which generally means there is dinner or its treat time 😉 . They don’t mind being held as long as they feel secure and your in a solid stance holding them. They like to spend their time zooming around in the cat tunnels or canoodling in the box mansion or relaxing in the sun enjoying the quiet life. They particularly love dried apple, kiwi fruit, dried blueberries and strawberry slices! Sprinkles & Oreo have been transitioned onto Science Selective pellets for breakfast, small amount of fruit and wide variety vege plus premium oaten hay. That’s exactly why they are in top condition and a real credit to their previous owner. They both particularly love their oaten hay and have always been big hay eaters too! They have beautiful golden poops which is a big sign of how much they LOVE their hay! We are looking for a lovely forever home for Sprinkles & Oreo and know the right person or family is out there for them. Ideally, we would be looking for a home where Sprinkles & Oreo would be indoors (large pen setup) and be apart of everyday living and routine. Sprinkles & Oreo’s adoption fee is $250 (together) which includes their desexing plus vaccination and microchip at The Unusual Pet Vets.

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Thank you for taking the time to view our beautiful rabbits. We love them all and know you will too! If you would like to know more about our rescue, the rabbits we have in care or if you are considering adopting one of our precious bunnies – Please contact us via phone or email. After our chat, if it sounds like you might have a suitable home we will email you through a application form to fill in (step 1). Once we have received your forms, we will then arrange a time for you to meet our rescue rabbit/rabbits (step 2). On occasions (at our discretion) we may organise a house check to ensure that your indoor rabbit setup is safe, secure and in the long term the rabbit will be happy! An adoption fee is paid if you decide you would like to take the rabbit on trial, this is held with us whilst the rabbit is on trial in your home. The trial period is for 2 weeks but this is flexible (step 3). If anytime during the trial you are certain your new family member is going to stay, the decision is made final and we process the adoption and change the microchip details – This makes the adoption official! (step 4). On the other hand, if you have a change of mind or circumstance we ask you to contact us as soon as possible so we can make immediate arrangements for their return to the rescue, the adoption fee is refundable within the trial period. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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