Ruffus Ruffus
Age: 1 year
Sex: M

State: NSW
Suburb: Narromine
Interstate Adoption: No
Adoption Fee $: $100

Microchip: No
Vaccinated: Yes
Medical Notes:

Uneven incisors. Vet checked, high fibre diet will eventually wear them even again.

About Ruffus

Ruffus is a 1 year old male Standard Rex.

Ruffus was used as a breeding buck in his past living in inappropriate conditions with a very poor diet.

Ruffus was rescued in June and has been free roaming in his own bedroom solo.

Ruffus has attended the vets for the first time in June where he was Neutered, Vaccinated and had a full body and dental examination.

Ruffus is still shy and is still getting used his new environment and having human interaction.

Ruffus needs a loving and patience home that can continue on gaining his trust and possibly finding him a bonded mate!

Ruffus is not destructive, he loves playing outside, exploring new things and trying new foods! Ruffus prefers to eat green Oaten hay and leafy green vegetables or grass.

Contact Us:

For more information or to enquire about adopting Ruffus my best contact is through my email which is

I respond usually between 1-2 hours.

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