Medi Buddy

We wanted to introduce you formally to Medi Buddy, 

After a chat with some lovely vet nurses they shared with me that one of the hardest parts of their job was administering medicine to Smooshie Faces who resist. This call for help was mimicked by many people across the Rabbit & Guinea Pig community. Especially from those who have ongoing daily medications to administer.

The animal is already unwell & bothering them with medicine can sometimes become a battle. Most medications have a chalky texture, taste yucky or smell undesirable. The nurses suggested if something could mask those attributes it might help their patients. So i put my thinking cap on. After many days of blitzing, dehydrating, sifting & testing ”Medi Buddy” was born.

Medi Buddy is a triple sieved fine powder made from a balanced mix of tasty herbs/veg/fruit & oaten hay. The natural sugar content is kept super low to ensure nothing irritates sensitive tummies and focus is on strong flavour to cover up those unwanted taste bud crusaders.

Our bunny lad Logan was only with a us a few weeks before he had to undergo a life saving bloat operation, after the op he was given 5 different medications – all of which he refused profusely. Trying to give him what he needed to take was so uncomfortable for me and him, i didn’t want to hurt him or have him pull stitches resisting. Any glimpse of the feeding syringe he was out of there or growling at me, he would kick & scratch like what i was going to give him meant certain death. So Medi Buddy came into play for real for the 1st time. 

I mixed his medication with the Medi Buddy powder & a dash of water, mixed it into a paste until i could form a small treat like ball. I put it in front of him to smell and vola! He ate it at his own free will. The relief was enormous, for the rest of the week, twice a day i did this routine with ease. 


Later we discovered one of our buns was showing signs of EC (E cuniculi (Ec) is a microscopic brain and kidney parasite that affects rabbits along with a small range of other species. Some rabbits can carry the parasite without ever becoming ill whilst others may show a range of symptoms, it’s highly contagious.) – so to cut it off at the pass we had to administer Fenbendazole medication to all 4 of our rabbits, x4 doses everyday for 28 days. We are lucky 2 of the buns didn’t mind the medication straight down the hatch without much fuss, but the others relished in having Medi Buddy help them out. As the days of the calendar flicked by we decided to use Medi Buddy for all of them and the experience became a really pleasant one – almost like treat time 🙂 They even came running over to have their medication 🙂

The feedback for this product has been incredible, i’ve had emails from customers saying it saved their pets life, others have said that they’ll never be without it and it brings comfort knowing it’s on hand. It make my heart sing knowing that our products are helping. 

Medi Buddy can also be used to kick start eating though it is not to be compared to ”Critical Care”. Critical Care has been formulated by scientists to contain all the essential minerals & vitamins required as a meal replacement – allowing sick animals to have it for many days without any other food source. Medi buddy is a great back up for short periods of time, for getting to a vet or mixing with Critical Care if your Smooshie Face isn’t keen on the flavour

Medi Buddy is fine enough for use in feeding syringes, can be mixed into a porridge consistency or paste to form balls/treats.

Initially we created 3 different recipes but over time we discovered the most popular was ”Dill, Celery, Apple & Oaten Hay” amongst both Rabbits & Guinea Pigs so we decided invest in having it lab tested. Below are the results which we are very happy about. High fibre, low fats & some trace elements (Ash) still present after dehydration. 

Guaranteed Analysis – 25g
Crude Fiber: max 19.9 %
Protein: min 2.18g
Fat: min 0.40g
Ash: max 1.6g
Moisture: max 10%

This is a great product to have stashed in your Smooshies first aid kit for those ”just in case times”.  Each pouch has 25g, a little goes a long way & is vacuumed sealed for freshness. for Maximum freshness & flavour strength we recommend discarding unused powder within one month of opening, as air reaches it the strength of the flavours can dissipate & effectiveness can be affected. Suitable for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

Best Before Date – 12 months , use within a month of opening for max flavour. 

Holly XX

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