New South Wales

Explore our list of rabbit & guinea pig rescue organizations servicing New South Wales

The Rabbit Sanctuary

Non profit Organization. Rabbit rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing. Servicing NSW, ACT & QLD. Where time never runs out for rabbits.

Porches Rescue

Porches Rescue re-homes small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, ferrets, chickens, cats, dogs & more. Most are rescued from pounds around Sydney.

♥ Glenorie NSW

Cavy Central

Cavy Central is the largest, oldest and fully dedicated shelter based in Sydney that rescues and rehomes guinea pigs, whether abandoned, injured, mistreated, or through circumstance where they need to find a new safe home.

♥ Sydney NSW


Helping all animal great and small who are in need of kindness & love. Rescue, Rehabilitation, Education & Adoption.

♥ Weston ACT

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