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About Us

Mrs Smooshie & Roo

Hello there! Welcome to our site, my name is Holly

Inspired by our late Roo (pictured with me above) Smooshie Face Treats was launched in November 2017 as an idea bubble which started to grow into something more. In April 2018 i gave up my full time job to dedicate my everything to this little business. I found the thing that makes me wake up happy, everyday bursting to get started & combines all my loves... cooking, design & of course Bunnies!!! Turns out what i do makes a lot of other people & pets happy too, what more could a girl ask for :)
Smooshie Face Treats came about from constantly been let down with the choice and quality of treats available. Discovering & having heard from many friends in the pocket pet community that it was almost impossible to find products without nasty chemicals, preservatives & bulked up with ingredients that pets just shouldn't be eating - some even had ''edible glue'' sayyy whattt!!!???huuhhh!............
I knew something had to be done so i set out to create our very own natural & healthy range of treats.
With 25 years experience as a rabbit owner i understand the importance of knowing exactly what my pets ''Smooshies'' are consuming as it's detrimental to their good health. Smooshie Face Treats has fully transparent ingredients & openness about how we operate. 
I'm so proud to offer other peoples Smooshie Faces access to the delicious variety of treats we offer our Smooshies on a daily basis. With a family background connected to farming i'm very passionate about sourcing local produce grown right here in Australia or from our own backyard 'literally' This allows us to avoid using second rate ingredients which is just no good.
As a small business owner i pride myself on delivering quality products, "Nothing but the good stuff" has become our special motto. I'm backed by my amazing hubby & family every step of the way, Mark especially is always there to lend a hand or an ear when i'm throwing around all my new ideas, keeps me on track when i need a push. And he is the best Bunny Dad you've ever seen :)
Mr Smooshie & Oliver
I hope that you can really see the love and attention that goes into Smooshie Face Treats. All the baking, recipe invention, packaging etc is all completed in house ''Smooshie Face HQ''. 
Our guarantee of optimum freshness & quality is overseen by our very own highly qualified Quality Control Officers, our five fur children Oliver Smoosh, Archie Bunny Pants, Logan, Rosie & our most recent addition Aria. We hope you enjoy trying out each & everyone! 
Roo - Quality Control Officer/Model  Oliver Smoosh - Quality Control Officer  Archie Bunny Pants - Quality Control Officer  
In addition to the treats we like to help others as much as possible. Through the sale of our selected 'Rescue Support' products, adoption directory & our 'Donated a Pack' program where each month we support a animal sanctuary, foster carer or charity with a delivery of delicious treats from our customers. Most recently we commenced the Wishes Project, this see's $1 from every transaction through our online store donated to an Aussie small animal rescue. Giving back & sharing the love is the backbone of Smooshie Face Treats. 
You can follow our personal rabbit family account on Instagram to see what living with five rabbits is like https://www.instagram.com/thesmooshies 
We aim to provide education & encouragement to as many people as possible so please feel free to email me any questions or comments info@smooshiefacetreats.com.au , im happy to help whenever i can :)
Holly ❤