FLAT RATE $5 Shipping or FREE For Orders Over $30 *Within Australia (International FLAT RATE $15 AUD)


How long does it take to receive my order?

If you select standard post, tracked or untracked we have found customers in Australia tend to receive their orders within the estimated time frame of 2-10 working days (Excludes weekends). Tracking is  available for all our deliveries.

Base on your location to our Smooshie Face Treats HQ in Perth Western Australia it can result in longer or shorter delivery times. 

  • Perth - Estimated 2-4 working days
  • Other States - Estimated 2-10 working days
  • Overseas - Estimated 10-21 working days

Express Post within Australia is estimated overnight for Perth & 2 days for other states.

If i live overseas (not in Australia) can i order your treats?

You sure can, if your using a desktop select your currency by making your selection from the drop down list in the top left corner. Mobile users will find the selector in the drop down menu. If your currency is not listed you will have to do the conversion yourself. Please note once in the checkout AUD will be displayed so take note of your costs before confirming your order.

  • We choose to use Australia Post to send parcels overseas. We charge a FLAT RATE of $15 (No tracking) and $20 (tracking) for all international parcels. You get the best deal if you buy 3 or more packets.

What are Pocket Pets?

Pocket Pet is a term used to describe a small rodent. We classify Rats, Mice, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs & Rabbits as pocket pets. Its always important to read through our ingredients list to ensure our treats are suitable for your Smooshie Face.

Where does your produce come from that goes into the treats?

All our produce is either homegrown by ourselves or sourced locally & from around Australia. We pride our business on only using 100% Australian grown ingredients which includes our hay & pellets.

Will my Smooshie Face like all the treat flavours?

We believe every Smooshie Face will find a flavour they enjoy in our collection, this is why we have so many flavours to choose from. Variety is the spice to life right? Just like hoomins your pet with enjoy some flavours more than others, everyone is different & sometimes we just don't like certain tastes. We recommend going over the ingredients list before purchase to ensure you choose the right mix.

Are your ingredients natural?

That's a big YES! from us. We do not add any extras like sugar, nuts or seeds, binders or nastys of any kind. We rely on the goodness & naturally occurring deliciousness of our fruit, veg & hay to provide the nutrients in our treats. 

How long do the treats last?

In our house, not long! Our rabbits eat them fast! Ok... jokes aside, our treats will last perfectly fine unopened for 6 months or more. We give a used by date of 6 months on each packet from the month of manufacture. We recommend using them within 2 weeks of opening and storing them in their resealable bags between feeds to keep them crunchy and fresh.


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