The Smooshie Face Treats box is completely unique & exclusive to our brand products,
You may have guessed it our box is dedicated to treats only, all of which are made fresh for you by us at Smooshie Face HQ. A box will be released once a month – each will contain a selection of 5 – 6 handcrafted items all suitable for rabbits & guinea pigs.
Always be the first to try new releases, rejoice in the deliciousness of some old favourites & get lucky with getting to taste some exclusives. Perfect for those who can’t decide what to try & for those Smooshie Faces who love variety with an element of surprise.
We will be letting the seasons guide us, using only top notch Aussie produce – Nothing but the good stuff!

What to expect in your Smooshie Face Treats Box

Original Treats

A pack of our famous treats from the Originals range.


A West Australian oaten hay based chaff blend embellished with an array of yummies to tantalize your Smooshie Faces taste buds.

Dried Fruit & Veg

A seasonal selection of dried fruit or veg. A great way to explore new tastes and discover favourites.

Specialty Products

A fun mix of delicious specialty products. Cookies, cakes or bars, festive themes, old favourites or something completely new – we will try surprise you every month.

Want to scale up or have extra moufs to feed? Feel free to ”Add On” extra treats by shopping across the website.
****PLEASE NOTE: any additional treats purchased in the same cart as your pre order will arrive with your box.

Pre Order July Treat Box - Dispatch 15th

PRE ORDER – Smooshie Face Treat Box


PRE ORDER ONLY – Dispatch date 15th July

For our very first Smooshie Face Treats Box we are going in big with some delicious new release products. Get your paws on them first, order your box now!


  1. Rainbow Cookie 1pc – New Release! This cookie will bring on instant binkies and zoomies, with clouds made of banana & a rainbow made of raspberry, blueberry, mango & organic wheat grass it’s pure joy. Snap this indulgent treat in half to share with a mate or devour over a few days. Ingredients: Granny Smith apple, celery, oaten hay, rolled oats, blueberry, parsley, banana, raspberry, mango, wheat grass
  2. Sunshine Cookie 1pc – New Release! Our famous Apple Crumbles base, topped with a sploosh of mango jam, embellished with lashing calendula for that sunshine yellow punch of colour and extra fun. Big enough to share with furiends. Ingredients: oaten hay, Pink lady apple, granny smith apple, rolled oats, mango, calendula
  3. Apple Crumbles Originals Pack 14pcs – Being our top seller for 4 years running there was no way we could leave these out. Ingredients: oaten hay, Pink lady apple, granny smith apple, rolled oats
  4. Kiwifruit Slices 40g – In season now, dried low n slow to keep the goods stuff in, delicious Aussie produce at it’s best.
  5. Winter Tonica Treat Chaff – New Release! Fantastic immunity booster and calming properties. Sprinkle over hay as a topper or eat on it’s own as a special treat with benefits. Ingredients: oaten hay, fennel, apple, echinacea, chamomile
****PLEASE NOTE: any additional treats purchased in the same cart as your pre order will arrive with your box.


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