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Kitchen Garden Hearts have been inspired by the homegrown produce from our very own kitchen garden. We chose the heart shape because we just can’t express how much love goes into the development of each treat, from growing to harvesting it’s all for your Smooshie Faces. We are bursting with pride to make these for you and know that you will taste the goodness in every bite.

Alongside that all important crunchy oaten hay, Kitchen Garden Hearts have a strong essence of celery, sweetness from apple & carrot, smatterings of pansy, marigold, rose petal and rose hip in every bite + extra sprinkles on top to max the flavour. We use a tiny dash of banana to ensure your sprinkles stay put & to bring on butt twerking goodness.

Tested on all our bunnies at Smooshie HQ – these have been a winner across the board. The nutrient profile is suitable for rabbits & guinea pigs.

This product can only be made when the produce is available – some of it seasonal, so get in quick!

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