Apple Crumble Treat Chaff 100g


Our delicious Apple Crumble recipe in chaff form. Encourage foraging & fun by sprinkling over hay. Your Smooshie will have so much fun snuffling around for the tasty pieces, may also encourage more hay consumption for fussy Smooshie Faces. Perfect for use in treat toys. Our bunnies push around their treat ball until every crumb is devoured! yum yum!

✔ Proudly made using 100% Australian ingredients
✖ No added sugar
✖ No seeds or nuts
✖ No binders
✖ No preservatives.
✔ Nothing but the good stuff!

Suitable for rabbits & guinea pigs. We recommend as a guide 10g sprinkled over hay to encourage foraging fun or 1 – 2 tablespoons as a treat on its own. Great to use inside a treat wobbler or sprinkle through a snuffle mat for entertainment enrichment. Can be fed daily alongside a well balanced diet.

**Chaff comes in a recyclable earth bag, it’s sealed for freshness with a tin tie. Once you’ve opened the bag remember to roll it up each time to keep the crunch. 


 Pink Lady apple, Granny Smith apple, oaten hay, rolled oats

Best Before

6 months

Weight100 g

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4 reviews for Apple Crumble Treat Chaff 100g

  1. Tara

    My bunny loves apple crumble smooshie treats so this chaff is perfect for her! She loves foraging for it amongst her hay and other places I hide it for her to find ?

  2. Rachele

    Love love love!!
    My bunny goes crazy when she smells it!! She’ll do anything I want when I’m holding it in front of her. These are the best treats I’ve given her!!

  3. Linda Bakker

    Apple Crumble treat chaff
    Our very favouritest!

  4. Joelle

    Amazing!!! 5 stars! Our bun love the apple crumble smooshie faces so we were so excited when we saw this. 😊

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