Apple Crumbles 14pcs


Pink Lady & Granny Smith apple with a dash of rolled oats creates a version one of life’s little pleasures just for your Smooshie Faces. Apple Crumble YUM!

✔ Proudly made using 100% Australian ingredients
✖ No added sugar
✖ No seeds or nuts
✖ No binders
✖ No preservatives.
✔ Nothing but the good stuff!

Suitable for rabbits & guinea pigs. We recommend as a guide 1pc per day alongside a well balanced diet.

Guaranteed Analysis 50g
Crude Fiber: max 10.6 %
Protein: min 3.45g
Fat: min 1.5g
Ash: max 1g

Moisture: max 10%


Pink Lady apple, Granny Smith apple, oaten hay, rolled oats

Best Before

6 months

Weight71 g

Default Title

12 reviews for Apple Crumbles 14pcs

  1. Heidi the Bunny

    Can’t get enough
    I almost bit my hoomin’s finger because she wouldn’t let go fast enough! Apple Crumbles is my favourite smooshie.

  2. Chiya

    It’s so hard to remember which bun likes which treat but doesn’t like that other treat. With apple crumbles, EVERYONE LOVES THEM. They all run away with their snacks and leave little piles of chaff for themselves to later desperately lick up.

  3. Mai

    My little bun Cosmo can’t get enough of this treat. He love apples! It’s so adorable to see him run around the house with his favourite treat in his mouth. Highly recommend if your baby is a sweet tooth.

  4. Millie

    My all-time fave
    Our bun Millie does a happy dance for these every single night. She adores them.

  5. Anja

    ? Apple perfection ?
    Probably my pigs’ favourite chaff ?

  6. Anja

    My guinea pigs love it!

  7. Annaliese Eastough

    Got these for my rabbit and he loved them! Also the packaging is super cute

  8. PeeWee & Miss Muffet

    So after FAILING miserably at making my own treats I soon realised how easy it was to just jump online and find this great little treat company!
    Ordering was so quick and easy and my Buns go NUTS for these treats! Highly recommend!

    • admin-sft

      Thanks so much for your review, you are our winners of our latest comp. We will reach out to you on Instagram and organize your prize 🙂

  9. The Hall clan

    A huge favourite in our household by the buns and gigs

  10. ellen.burne (verified owner)

    The one flavour my smooshies never tire of! The go in and out of phases with others, but apple crumbles are forever their number one! Artie Bear and Mabel Moo do happy binkies with joy whenever I whip these out, before promptly running away to gorge themselves in private. I always keep these on hand because I have had issues with gut stasis with my girls, and these are my warning signal – if they don’t want an apple crumble, its time to take them to the vet!

  11. Anonymous

    5 star rating ⭐ my little bun loves these smooshie faces. Every time we order something from the smooshie face shop we always get a apple crumble for her 😊

  12. Debbie

    Wow never seen my 2 bunnies so excited by just opening the bag, they absolutely loved them

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