Chicory Chip Cookies 4pcs


Even Cookie Monster himself would be happy to devour these magnificent cookies. They might look just like choc chip but weve made a cheeky switch suitable for your Smooshie Faces – Chicory root chips! Loaded with goodness this is a treat your rabbit & guinea pig are bound to gobble down & be sniffing around for more.

** Picture with a cup of chaff for imagination purposes – can’t you just see your Smooshie Face having their morning chaffacino & Chicory Chip Cookie 🙂

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Suitable for rabbits & guinea pigs. We recommend as a guide one cookie a day a few times a week or share with mates. Eat alongside a well balanced diet.
Once opened, store in airtight container to keep the crunch.


carrot, celery, papaya, oaten hay, kale, rolled oats, banana, carrot tops, chicory root

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6 months


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