Jack ‘o’ Lantern Pumpkin & Vampire Blood Apple 50g


Halloween wouldn’t be the same without pumpkin! or a smattering of fake blood of course! We’ve really gone and freaked ourselves out by pairing Jack ‘o’ Lantern pumpkin with vampire blood apples! The ”blood” is not that of a victims dripping from a vampires grin…..it’s raspberry!!! but you can pretend for the spook affects.


*Some fruits like apple slightly oxidize (turn a brown tinge) during dehydration, this doesn’t change the flavour we promise.

Suitable for rabbits & guinea pigs. We recommend as a guide 1 – 2pcs per day alongside a well balanced diet.

Once opened store in your favourite airtight container/jar to keep them fresh.

apple, pumpkin, raspberry

Best Before

6 months

Weight 50 g


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