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Berry Boondi (14pcs~40g)

Berry Boondi's are the treat that started it all. Our rabbit Roo just adores Berries, Banana & Kale, so we set out to create for him this delicious treat, he loved them so much! Our friends heard about the Berry Boondi's & wanted to try, so we baked some batches for everyone & shared them around. Smooshie Face Treats was born. 

Made from 100% Australian homegrown & locally sourced ingredients. No added sugar, no binders, no nasty's ever! Nothing but the good stuff. Suitable for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. We recommend as a guide 1 - 2 pieces per day alongside a balanced healthy diet.

Ingredients: Banana (24%) Blueberry (20%) Strawberry (20%)
Oaten Hay (20%) Kale (16%) 

Updated 30th October 2018

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Rabbit with Tongue Sticking Out

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