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Watermelon Mint Flatties 15g - Online Exclusive

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Flatties are a fun treat with a burst of flavour your Smooshie Faces will love. Great treat to hand feed to help create bonding.

Watermelon, Mint & Oaten Hay. DELICIOUS!

Created in sheets then broken into small pieces to make perfect portion sizes. Inspired by hoomins "chocolate bark" made especially for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

This product is light in weight however you get approx 15 - 20 pcs per pack. 15g Dehydrated low and slow to keep the good things in. 

The natural sugar content is always considered when making our treats, this is balanced with the addition of Oaten Hay chards & mint. 

We recommend 1 piece per day alongside a well balanced diet. Be treat wise.