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Gleeful Bunny Toys - Assorted Styles

Gleeful Bunny Toys are the creative vision of Naomi Smith. Bun Mum of two "Mr Coco & Miss Lucy", Naomi draws inspiration from them everyday. Each design is tried & tested by these lucky rabbits bringing to you only the best toys.

Constructed with natural components, some pieces have been skillfully forged by a wood craftsman in Victoria. 

We are beyond proud to be the very first stockist of this range supporting Naomi to reach her dream to provide the rabbit community a collection of natural toys which intrigue & amuze buns for hours on end. 

The Gleeful Bunny Toys website is currently in the making and will running very soon. We will provide links once it goes live ♡ Until then, please view the four unique designs currently available. If any become out of stock don"t hesitate to contact us as we can request more stock just for you. 

Bunny Dream Catcher - Thread your buns favourite snacks onto the rods & watch them go for it. This toy is our buns favourite at Smooshie Face HQ

Abacus Cadabra - Swing the wand to make a wish, the beads move along the wood making it fun to throw about. Your bun will enjoy nibbling the star & gnawing the wood.

Bungle Bangle - Gorgeous design with lots of shapes to discover. Edible, fun and very amusing ♡

Eggcellent Bunny Foraging Toy -This is a deluxe bunny toy, it's wood parts crafted locally in Victoria. Play the ultimate game of hide n seek by hiding treats under the egg cups. 

Hello There Smooshie Face :)

Rabbit with Tongue Sticking Out

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