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Medi Buddy 30g

Smooshie Faces (Rabbits & Guinea Pigs) can sometimes become unwell , much to their disgust on occasion we must administer medication to get them back to being a happy healthy pet. Medicine is often bitter or chalky, some will flatly refuse to ingest anything a hoomin (owner of pet) is trying to give them if it resembles even a sniff of the dreaded medicine.

Especially created to mask the uneasy flavours of medication, designed in hopes they might catch a taste of something they don't actually mind eating enough to get it down the hatch. Our triple sieved fine powder can be easily mixed with water & medication to a consistency suitable for feeding syringes or as a porridge mix. 

Made from a strong flavoured yet a balanced mix of tasty Celery, Dill & Apple with Oaten Hay. All natural ingredients with no added sugar! 

This is is a great product to have stashed in your Smooshies first aid kit for those ''just in case times''.  Each pouch has 30g, a little goes a long way & is vacuumed sealed for freshness. for Maximum freshness & flavour strength we recommend discarding unused powder within one month of opening, as air reaches it the strength of the flavours can dissipate & effectiveness can be affected. Suitable for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

Best Before Date - 12 months , use within a month of opening for max flavour. 

Guaranteed Analysis - 30g
Crude Fiber: max 19.9 %
Protein: min 2.61g
Fat: min 0.48g
Ash: max 2g
Moisture: max 10%

*Please always follow your vets instructions regarding medication of any kind. We offer this product as an aid only, never force your pet to ingest if they refuse it.