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PRE-ORDER Smooshie Face Treats "Stocking Stuffer" Kit πŸŽ„πŸŽ…β€ $35 Delivered *Within Australia - International Shipping from $15 AUD

PLEASE NOTE: This product will be posted between November 22th - December 5th to ensure it arrives to you before Christmas Day.
**** ThisΒ pre-ordered must be processed in a separate transaction to any other items that are required beforehand. If you include other items in your order they will be posted with the Stocking Stuffer Kit & not sent before. *****

We've got you covered β™‘ To take some stress out of the Christmas shopping rush we designed this Stocking Stuffer kit so you can be super prepared & be able surprise your fur baby on Christmas Day with a selection of yummy treats just for them.

All natural, made from 100% Australian ingredients. Our awesome kit comes with some exclusive Limited Edition items that you won't be able to buy separately, also some exciting new lines not yet released! Suitable for Rabbits &Β Guinea Pigs.

x2 Christmas Hoomin Cookies - Limited Edition
(Apple 38%, Blackcurrant 22%, Oaten Hay 25%, Raspberry 15%)

x1 Sample Bag of YumblesΒ 6pcsΒ  - New Release (Official Release 2019)
(Fennel 47%, Banana 31%,Β Oaten Hay 19%, Dill 3%)

x1 Sample Bag of Jolly JinglesΒ 6pcs - Limited Edition
(Apple 20%, Celery 20%, Carrot 20%, Red Capsicum 10%, Green Capsicum 10%, Yellow Capsicum 10%, Oaten Hay 10%)

x1 Starlight Cookie - New Release (Official Release 2019)
( Fennel 30%, Carrot 24%, Pear 18%, Orange 18%, Oaten Hay 10%)

x1 Bag of Snowman NosesΒ 15g - Limited Edition
(Carrot 100%)

x1 Bag of JubileeΒ Twist Treat Chaff 40g - Limited Edition
(Oaten Hay 33%,Β Mint 27%, Apple 23%, Cherry 17%)

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