Trinket Box Cake - Colorific

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Handcrafted individually with love, Trinket box cakes have been especially designed for Smooshie Faces to celebrate special events like birthdays or gotcha day. The outside shell & lid are big enough to share with mates or eat a little over many days/weeks. Inside we pack the cake with delicious oaten chaff this is super low cal so your Smooshies can eat as much as they like in one sitting. 

Base Ingredients: oaten hay, pink lady apple, granny smith apple, rolled oats
Chaff Ingredients(inside): oaten hay
Decorative Ingredients: rose, sunflower, parsley, pansy 

Made from 100% Australian ingredients. No added sugar, no seeds or nuts. No binders. Nothing but the good stuff!
Size 10cm x 5cm, Approx ~120g
Best before 6 months, Store in an airtight container to keep the crunch.