Trinket Box Cakes - Pansy Delight ~100g

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Assorted individually handcrafted designs.

We decided to call these cakes a Trinket Box because they look just like a beautiful jewelry box that you would store your treasures in.... Perfect for celebrations or just because life's too short not to have wonderous treats like cake!!

The outer of the cake is made from our delicious Apple Crumble recipe. Inside your Smooshie Face will discover a bounty of embellished oaten chaff with dried celery. The decorations are edible flowers & herbs, some of which are grown right here at Smooshie Face HQ. (rose, pansy, hibiscus, parsley. daisy)

We have left some designs more simple than others, incase you want to add your own personal touch. 

We recommend sharing this cake with mates, or eating it over time. Store in an airtight container to keep the crunch. 

✔ Proudly made using 100% Australian ingredients
✖ No added sugar
✖ No seeds or nuts
✖ No binders
✖ No preservatives. 
✔ Nothing but the good stuff!
Ingredients: Granny Smith apple, Pink Lady apple, oaten hay, rolled oats, celery, edible flower petals, banana
Best Before: 6 months