Smooshie Face Treat

Smooshie Face Treats aren’t like alot of others. What makes our brand different from many homebased & store bought treats is that we focus on hay 1st then top notch 100% Aussie produce. Shhh don’t tell anyone but the hay is the secret to the awesome crunch! which is very important for ever growing teeth. 🐰🐹

The “originals” treat range has been lab tested and vet approved. You will find our treats served up to patients in some of Australia’s top vet clinics. I’ve made sure all 10 of our flavours fall within a suitable nutrient range for both guinea pigs & rabbits so there’s no confusion about who can have what & you can rest easy knowing they can have a treat everyday without throwing out their well balanced diet. You won’t find any preservatives, fillers, binders or added sugar often found in other brands…., every single treat is pressed by hand so i can keep a close eye on the quality.

I’ve noticed trend emerging of unhealthy treat recipes been shared all over social media. A quick & easy treat made from oat flour with pureed fruit & veg – this allows the maker to produce brightly coloured, fun looking treats, that any animal would love to eat, but just because they eat it, doesn’t mean they should…. I would like to share a caution surrounding this type of treats – Please be treat wise when allowing your pets to consume these types too often. This recipe base concerns me because it’s essentially sugar/ carbs & fats with very little – to no fibre to be found. 

Although I’m restricted in colour and fancy shapes, Smooshie Face Treats natural appearance & more rustic ascetic does mean fibre – which creates a treat I’m proud to produce for your pet. I like to see the goodness in every treat, upfront & honest. Fibre is essential for gut movement, it’s like added happiness which should be found in all treats. Always keep this in mind when selecting your pets treat – high sugar & fat can be the cause of stomach upset & weight gain. So remember to #betreatwise ♡

Big Love
Holly xx

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