EST May 2020

30c from every pack of ”Originals” is donated to Australian small animal rescue via The Wishes Project.

Funds are transferred directly to the organizations & recorded below for you to see exactly who your purchase is helping.

Donation Grand Total $4381

Lost Souls Rabbit Refuge 552$
Other + Go Fund Me 545$
Romeo's Rabbit Rescue 509$
Don't Go Astray 446$
Big Ears Animal Sanctuary 400$
The Rabbit Sanctuary 298$
Rabbit Run-Away Orphange 279$
Bluey & Alice Bunny Refuge 271$
Porsches Rescue 223$
Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue 219$
Alittlebitiffy 204$
Brightside Animal Sanctuary 174$
Miss Piggy's Guinea Pig Lair 160$
Qld Guinea Pig Refuge 155$

Smooshie Faces we support via the Wishes Project funds

Proud supporters of
Murdoch University Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Graduating Class of 2022

Helping to sponsor the Love your Pet, Love your Vet campaign

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After deciding to close our sister site ”Smooshie Face Pets”  we couldn’t bare the thought of letting any of stock we had remaining go to waste. We reached out to Dean Morris from GOSAC who has collaborated with us to help an awesome organization in need of the goodies – Perth Homeless Support Group. Poppy bun helped wrap over $3500 worth of product as pressies 🤣hehe (with the help of some hoomin hands) Dean handed out our the gifts with the team from Perth Homeless Support via their outreach program on Boxing Day 2021.

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