We choose to share the love by donating $1 from every Smooshie Face Treats transaction to an Australian small animal rescue. In addition to these regular donations every now & then we also create charity support products to sell, these funds will also be noted here. The Wishes Project launched May 2020. Our hope is this money will be apart of helping some wishes come true for a few Smooshie Faces.

Funds are transferred directly to the organizations & recorded below for you to see exactly who your purchase is helping.

Donation Grand Total $3444

Lost Souls Rabbit Refuge 452$
Don't Go Astray 343$
Romeo's Rabbit Rescue 294$
Big Ears Animal Sanctuary 272$
Bluey and Alice Bunny Refuge 208$
Porsches Rescue 198$
Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue 167$
Paws Rescue 165$
Miss Piggy's Guinea Pig Lair 160$
The Rabbit Sanctuary 160$
Rabbit Run-Away Orphange 205$
Qld Guinea Pig Refuge 155$
Brightside Animal Sanctuary 143$
Alittlebitiffy 142$
Other 380$

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